Two Reasons Why You Might Want to Opt for a Coloured Concrete Driveway

If your driveway is nearing its end, you should consider replacing it with one made from coloured concrete. Carry on reading and find out why.

To hide stains on the driveway

Concrete in its natural state is a mid-to-light grey colour. If something is spilt on it, the stain left behind will be quite easy to spot due to the relatively light colour of this material. If you do any activities on your driveway that tend to make a mess (for example, if you often do car maintenance in this area, which results in drops of motor oil, anti-freeze and brake fluid landing on the ground, or if your children use this as a play area and often spill their drinks and snacks in this spot), then you might want to call a concrete contractor and have them lay a charcoal or black-coloured driveway.

Opting for a driveway made from concrete that has a dark pigment infused into it will mean that those motor oil, orange juice or ketchup stains that end up on the driveway will be undetectable, unless you kneel close to the ground and look for them, because stains like this stand out far less on a dark surface than they do on, for example, a light grey one. This is the best option if you prefer your driveway to look fairly clean, but you do not want to have to use all kinds of stain removers on it and would rather not have to scrub at this surface regularly in order to make it look good.

To make the driveway match your house exterior

The other reason why you should consider putting in a request for a coloured concrete driveway with your contractor is that you might be able to find a hue that either matches or looks very similar to the colour of your house's render or its smaller exterior features (like the fascia, door trim, shutters, etc.).

Having a driveway that matches some of the other elements of your property will vastly improve the latter's kerb appeal which, in addition to being very satisfying (if you're house-proud), could also allow for the swift sale of your home, should you ever want to move. It's also a great way to make the driveway look more like a natural extension of the house, rather than some extra feature that was just tacked-on at a later date.

For more information about coloured concrete driveways, talk to a concrete contractor.