Features of Epoxy Flooring That Make It Perfectly Suited for Residential Applications

When remodelling the floors of your home, you unquestionably have a vast selection of materials to choose from. But while hardwood timber flooring was considered the epitome of luxury by homeowners in the past, there has been a steady shift towards more visually interesting flooring solutions that will add character to a property, specifically epoxy flooring. Granted, this material has been predominantly employed for commercial properties, but it is steadily gaining traction in more and more Australian homes. Here are a few of the features of epoxy flooring that make it perfectly suited for residential applications.

Exceptional endurance

As stated above, epoxy flooring is a staple in commercial properties, and this is not without reason. A characteristic that makes this material befitting for heavy-duty applications is its unsurpassed durability. And while you may not be driving heavy equipment over your floors, you should note that the constant patter of feet does have a steady effect on the longevity of some flooring supplies, leading to the need for eventual replacement. Epoxy is capable of providing your residence with superior endurance because it is inherently stronger than materials such as vinyl, timber and even concrete. As a result, you can install these floors in areas that experience heavy traffic without any consequence.

Nominal maintenance

A major factor that homeowners bear in mind when shopping for new flooring is the degree of upkeep that they will be required to perform. Some flooring solutions, like hardwood floors, for example, are undeniably beautiful to look at. However, the moment you stop providing them with the arduous upkeep they require, they steadily lose their lustre and become an eyesore. This is not something you would have to worry about with epoxy flooring. If you want a material that will stay pristine without you having to dedicate a lot of time and effort to cleaning it, you can rest assured that epoxy will retain its glossy finish and resistance to moisture without routine sealing. In fact, simply mopping to eliminate dust and stubborn dirt will suffice.

Stunningly appealing

A misconception that some homeowners have regarding epoxy flooring is that since it is a top choice for commercial use, it must be more utilitarian rather than visually appealing. But this is grossly misleading. Simply because this material is highly functional in heavy-duty applications does not mean that it will not elevate the aesthetic appeal of your residence. Firstly, the high-gloss surface easily reflects light, and this can have a massive effect on your interiors, especially if you struggle with shadows due to insufficient sunlight. Moreover, the epoxy can be pigmented to complement your interior décor choices, so you can choose any colour that you want — not to mention that it is easily customised to mimic other types of luxe flooring materials such as marble without the accompanying price tag.