Know When to Repair Your Asphalt Parking Lot to Boost Your Business Image

In the business world, it's the small things that most people often ignore that influence business growth and create a great customer experience. When customers step into your business property, what they see determines how they perceive your business. If they find a clean environment and properly-maintained driveways and parking lots, they feel safe, excited and satisfied. But if they find potholes or cracks on your asphalt driveway or parking lot, they don't get good impressions, and this makes them doubt the quality of services or goods they expect. For this reason, ensure you do timely asphalt repair to boost the image of your company or business. Here's how you know you should contact professional contractors to repair your asphalt parking lot:

Your Parking Lot Is Old

Even if you do all it takes to keep your asphalt parking lot in good shape, it won't last forever. Every asphalt parking lot or even pavement can only be in good condition for a specified period, and some inevitable changes will just appear once it exceeds the set period. For instance, the average lifespan of most asphalt parking lots is about 10 to 15 years. Unlike the residential asphalt surfaces, commercial parking lots have a shorter lifespan because of the heavy vehicles and high foot traffic they experience every day. However, this lifespan could even reduce to 7 or 5 years if proper maintenance and immediate repairs are neglected.

Potholes Have Formed

If you have a water or drainage problem in your property, potholes will develop on the asphalt surfaces. If cracks aren't repaired in good time, or immediately they appear, various elements, such as water could seep through them, causing the asphalt to deteriorate in a big way. Neglected cracks become larger with time and form potholes. Potholes don't just look ugly, but they also easily damage car tyres and expose your customers to safety risks. If you don't get professional contractors to repair the potholes, they might turn away potential customers or ruin their customer experience in a big way.

You Can See Alligator Cracks

Most parking lots develop small cracks, but when they aren't repaired in good time, they become large and interlaced, resembling the skin of an alligator. Unlike the other usual cracks, alligator cracks are a sign of a major problem that requires urgent attention. Most asphalt surfaces, such as the parking lots, develop these cracks when they get old or when drainage problems occur. Since most alligator cracks form on the surface level, professional asphalt resurfacing could fix them and help extend the shelf-life of your parking lot.

If these problems are fixed immediately, the parking lot won't deteriorate, and its lifespan would be extended. Patch the cracks immediately, seal-coat the asphalt surface, remove the oil stains and clean the parking lot regularly to give your customers the customer experience they deserve whenever they come to your company or business property.