Why Polished Concrete Floors Can Really Set off a Renovation

If you have a major renovation project and want to make a statement about your upgraded home, you need to be picky with your flooring. In this case, you should think about polished concrete, as this can certainly add some style and sophistication to your design. But why is polished concrete such a good idea, and what's involved in this installation?

The Beauty of Polished Concrete

Concrete is, of course, the workhorse of any construction project. It's super strong and relatively easy to install, although, in its natural form, you could say that it is rather bland. However, that's definitely not the case if you choose polished concrete, as it'll revolutionise the product and give you a floor that you can be proud of. You can also choose from a variety of different shades, so it won't be too difficult to pair it with other colours chosen by your interior designer.

Many people choose polished concrete for the more utilitarian rooms of the house, like kitchens and bathrooms, but it works well anywhere.

Installation Requirements

You will need to allow some time for professionals to lay the concrete, level it and then polish it. The timeframe will depend on the size and configuration of your job, but remember that the concrete has to be fully dry before it can be finished. Other factors like average humidity and even weather can have a say in the matter, so you need to discuss this with your contractor before you start.

Heating Benefits

Polished concrete is a good match if you're thinking about installing underfloor heating. The material will tend to hold the heat well, so it may even cost you less to condition your home due to your choice of floor.

Other Thoughts

Furthermore, polished concrete is very easy to clean and is very durable. You may choose to add some rugs or covered layers in certain rooms to soften everything up a little and give your living areas a homely feel.

Moving Forward

Talk with your concrete contractors about your plans and let them know how you plan to renovate your home. They can help you choose the right type and colour for your polished concrete surface to fit in with your budget and match your overall decor. One thing is sure; you will be delighted at the finished product and eager to show everything off to your friends and family.