Customisation Options To Consider For Coloured Concrete Around Your Home

Concrete is the ideal material for outdoor areas around the home because it's resistant to the elements and extremely durable. Plus, it need not be the dull, flat surface of yesteryear. You can combine coloured concrete with texture techniques to add a sense of dimension so that surfaces even replicate organic materials; plus, these treatments can also work for overlays. The following are several customisation options to consider.

Colour Variety

Colour methods, such as stains and dyes, can cover your outdoor concrete areas in an endless array of tones. Pigments included within the cement mixture ensure the hue continues throughout and won't scrape off with use. Alternatively, contractors can apply stains over the top of the set concrete which react with the cement to form attractive multi-tones. You could cover your concrete with earthy greys and tans or bright reds, blues and yellows. Pick up hues from the surrounding natural landscape or your home's architecture so that the concrete fits seamlessly within the landscape.

Numerous Textures

Once these colours combine with texture effects, concrete can take on a whole new life. Contractors can press stamps or moulds onto unset cement to replicate various materials such as grainy wooden planks. Texture mats can be put to use to mimic the indentations of individual stone pavers complete with grout lines. You can copy the look of colourful, crazy paving, sandy travertine or grey granite with your coloured concrete. 

Abundant Supply Of Stencils

Stencils provide further options. After applying one colour in a typical grouting hue, contractors can place a stencil over the surface before covering it with a different colour. This process creates the look of separate pavers. Stencils are available to form geometric patterns, intricate designs or other motifs. Border stencils add further decorative possibilities. 

You Can Apply Decorative Treatments To Overlays

You can even apply many of these techniques to an overlay. Thus, you don't necessarily need to rip up your existing, structurally sound concrete. Minor cracks won't pose too much of a problem, either, as contractors can attend to those issues before applying the decorative treatments. 

With all these options, you'll be able to create beautiful concrete outdoor entertainment areas that look like natural stone, timber, ceramic or numerous other surfaces. The vast range of colour products, texture stamps and stencils can generate multiple effects that only depend on the richness of your imagination and the skill of your contractor.

To learn more, contact a contractor who works with coloured concrete.