4 Reasons to Choose an Asphalt Driveway

If you're in the process of planning a new driveway for your home, then you'll have to choose which surface material to use. While some people opt for bricks or concrete, others prefer to use asphalt instead. What are the benefits of laying an asphalt driveway?

1. Quick Curing Time

If you lay down concrete, then you could have a long wait before your driveway is ready to walk or drive on. Concrete can take days to dry and set. You can't use it until it is ready.

On the other hand, asphalt dries and cures much more quickly. Depending on your environmental conditions, an asphalt surface could be installed and cured in just hours. You'll be able to use your driveway much more quickly.

2. Flexible Strength

Concrete is a strong solution for a driveway. It can cope with vehicles driving and parking on it without a problem. However, concrete isn't damage-proof. Extremes of temperature and pressure can cause its surface to crack and break.

Asphalt is a more flexible material. It can expand and contract in heat and cold much more naturally. These issues are less likely to damage the surface.

3. Stain Concealing Properties

Concrete looks great when it goes down; however, it doesn't always look great after a few years of use as a driveway. For example, it will end up with oil stains and tyre marks on it. These stains aren't always removable, and they don't look good on lighter surfaces.

Asphalt is black. Stains and tyre marks won't show on its surface. So, your driveway will look better for longer.

4. Easier Future Repairs

While both concrete and asphalt are strong, both of these surfaces can get damaged. For example, a concrete driveway may get cracks or chips in it. You need to keep on top of this damage to prevent it from getting worse or compromising the rest of the surface.

It's not always easy to repair concrete yourself. You need some skill and special materials. However, asphalt damage is easier to fix. You can buy DIY products that help you seal cracks and holes. Plus, it's a lot easier to resurface asphalt than concrete if your driveway needs a more major refurbishment in years to come.

For more information on the advantages of choosing asphalt driveways, contact local contractors. They can take a look at your driveway and help you plan the best solution.