What You Need to Know About Concrete Driveways

Concrete is a popular material for driveways because of the many benefits it provides. If you are considering installing a concrete driveway, here are various things you need to know:

The Meaning of Concrete

Many people refer to concrete as cement; this is not correct; concrete is a material made from a mixture of a stone aggregate like sand, water and cement. As you can see, cement is a component of concrete, meaning concrete is not cement.


Concrete is on the affordable side of driveway building materials because it is cheaper than other materials like cobblestone or bricks. It is, however, not as cheap as asphalt or gravel. The good thing about it is that it offers great durability at a low price.


Unfinished concrete can be ugly to look at; that is why it is coloured or stamped to achieve an attractive or aesthetically appealing surface.

DIY Versus Professional Concrete Driveway Installation

Even though you might have some skills or experience working with concrete, it is not recommended to try out your DIY skills on your driveway. You might not be in a position to carry out quality concrete pouring, strengthening and finishing work. The result might not be aesthetically pleasing and you may end up contacting a professional to correct your shoddy work, meaning additional expenses.

Quality work requires more than one experienced professional and the use of up to date equipment to achieve the best possible outcome. If you don't have such resources, you might, of course, end up doing poor work.

Concrete Driveway Strength

Your concrete driveway should be able to support the weight of the cars you own. That is why you should inform your concrete driveway specialist about the kind of vehicle(s) you drive so that they know the maximum GVM (gross vehicle mass) to be supported by the driveway.

A concrete driveway can be strengthened by installing steel metal reinforcement rebar or wire. The drying process can also be slowed down by using some agents that also help increase the strength of the concrete driveway.


A concrete driveway does not have high maintenance. You might, however, require to clean it regularly and apply a sealant annually. Cleaning mostly involves using a hard brush and some soapy water. You can then rinse with a hose.

A sealant is applied to add a layer of protection that prevents staining or wear and tear. Since there are different types of concrete finishes, cleaning and sealing may differ, but the goal is the same; to keep the driveway clean and to avoid damage and staining.  

For more information on concrete driveways, reach out to a concrete contractor near you.